Fashion, Family, Faith: How Houston boutique owner Martha E. Berry turned a negative into a positive with new Glam House

The COVID-19 pandemic has been hard on most business owners across the country. From closures to changes in hours, business owners have been forced to figure out what the next move is. Martha E. Berry, the owner of I’MarE Boutique, activated her faith and fashion sense to make sure her dream would not die during what has been an uncertain time for many.

Irma P. Hall on Her Journey to Develop Her Talent

Ever since its founding The Ensemble Theatre has encouraged talented and gift artists to follow their dreams no matter where the road takes them. Annually they recognize those who have taken the path less traveled with the Black Tie Gala honoring celebrities and supporters of the mission of the Ensemble Theatre.

Irma P. Hall will be among others honored by the Ensemble Theatre at their 2015 gala: Follow the Dream: Celebrating the Empire. She expressed her gratitude of receiving the honor by stating that "I'm so honored to get a chance to be there (Houston).